1963 - The Company produced it’s first 25 refrigerators.
1968 - New plant started its operations.
1975 – Over 1 million refrigerators manufactured by this year;
1983 – The Company started export to foreign countries.
1990 – The Company has come under the control of the Republic of Lithuania;
1992 – The Company has been privatised and registered as a public limited liability the Company;
1995 – The Company was retooled. Use of Freon in the manufacture of refrigerators is discontinued. All the Company's products are manufactured only from ecologically clean materials;
1997 – The Company has achieved ISO 9001 certification for implementing international quality management standards;
2000 –The Company's quality management system was successfully re-certified for ISO 9001;
2001 – The Company has achieved ISO 14001 certification for implementing an environmental management system;
2002 – The Company started to produce a refrigerator with R600a environmentally friendly refrigerant;

2002 –  Started A + energy efficiency  refrigerator production;

002 – Snaigė become EU project "Energy +" participant;
2003 - A + Grade energy efficiency fridge Snaigė RF310 won the LCI contest "Product of the Year” Gold Medal;
2004 – The Company opened its new plant in Kaliningrad;
2006 – The Company acquired 100% of the capital of the Russian wholesale and retail Company Liga Service;
2006 - Snaigė has made its 10 millionth refrigerator. The Company exported its producs to more than 40 countries around the world;
2006 - Display-Cooler Snaigė CD480 awarded by golden medal in annual competition "Lithuanian product of the Year".
2007 –  Snaigė Alytus plant started serial production of new line models “Snaigė ICE LOGIC” production;

2007 - Snaigė recognised as the most innovative Lithuanian Company. New line Ice Logic has won a national competition "Innovation Prize 2007" award. Refrigerators assess "Innovative product" category;

2007 - The Company's environmental management system ISO 14001 successfully certificated;
2007 - Refrigerator Snaigė ICE LOGIC RF34SH A+ awarded "Product of the Year" gold medal;
2008 -  Snaigė ICE LOGIC RF31SM A+ was assesed as the "Product of the Year" and awarded a gold medal;
2008 - Snaigė awarded for "Innovation Award";
2009 - The loss of production and devaluation of the ruble conditioned to close the Company's factory in Kaliningrad;
2010 - Refrigerator Snaigė ICE LOGIC RF34SM A++ awarded by golden medal in annual competition "Lithuanian product of the Year".
2011 - Refrigerator Snaigė ICE LOGIC Glassy RF34SM A++ awarded by golden medal in annual competition "Lithuanian product of the Year".
2013 -  Snaigė received the Lithuanian Exporter of the Year Award.
2013 -  Snaigė won within category „The Innovative company“ and was awarded with the „Innovation Prize 2013“.
2013 - Snaigė ICE LOGIC Glassy "Side by side" refrigerator C 29SM - freezer F 22SM A++ is awarded by golden medal in annual competition "Lithuanian product of the Year".
2014 - Refrigerator Snaigė NO FROST RF34 awarded by golden medal in annual competition "Lithuanian product of the Year".
In September 2015, the Company attended the international trade show for home appliances IFA 2015 in Berlin where it presented its latest products. SNAIGĖ’s stand attracted much interest from both the attendees of the trade fair and the potential clients. What is more, a fridge upholstered in faux crocodile leather raised great interest from the journalists of the international newspaper and portal USA TODAY.
In 2015, the Company launched a new commercial display fridge CD40.
In 2015, AB Snaigė launched its trading operations and successfully positioned itself in Norway, Sweden, Israel, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
In 2015, the Company introduced its customers to a few new and unique products: luxurious double fridge-freezers with glass surface doors RF34TWINS and a single-door fridge C31 welcomed by the buyers in France and across the Scandinavian countries, along with new products: cooler C 31 and freezer F 27 combination with glass surface doors.
In 2015, existing fridges had enhancements: electronic controls in SNAIGĖ Ice Logic fridge-freezers, introduced.
In 2015, the mass production of fridges with a freezer at the bottom RF31/RF36 A++ with partial NO FROST system was launched.
In 2015, the design of the Young and the Premium refrigerators was implemented for Polish manufacturer AMICA.
In 2016, AB Snaigė fridges climbed to the top of the Lithuanian market. The Company had an 18% share of the refrigerator market.
In 2016, the Company launched its export operations to Jordan.
In 2016, the Company launched its cooperation with one the major Czech home appliance retail chain FAST.
In 2016, the Company’s products were presented in three trade shows in the Czech Republic held by the Company’s trade partners.
In 2017, AB Snaigė developed two new refrigerator design lines SNAIGĖ Fresh Inn and SNAIGĖ Retro and prepared them for mass production.
In 2017, AB Snaigė took part in a trade show for home appliances in the Czech Republic.
In 2017, the Company began trading in Belarus.
In 2018, the Company's business was repeatedly awarded the ISO 9001 certificate.
In 2018, the mass production of the new design lines SNAIGĖ Fresh INN and SNAIGĖ Retro was launched.
In 2018, Snaigė's own stand was opened in a store owned by the Bulgarian home appliance chain Technolopis.