One of the priorities for Snaigė is a concern for the environment. The company's products meet stringent environmental requirements. In 1995, the company achieved environmental protection certification ISO 14001, which confirms that the components of Snaigė’s products are environmentally safe.
Environmental protection goals are set each year in an annual environmental protection measures program. This helps us to do better and be more effective in protecting the environment. This way we not only take care of the environment, but also reduce operating costs.
When designing new products, we always keep in mind manufacturing techniques that save raw materials and resources, safe transport, waste disposal, and product quality. We also have regard to using materials that can later be recycled. In the manufacture of our products, we endeavour to use a minimum of mixed materials, as these are particularly hard to recycle.
Our surface coating process (non-liquid coating dried by gas) is completely ecologically clean. The refrigeration system is charged with R600a gas, which is of natural origin and does not affect the ozone layer. The insulation used in our refrigerators is cyclopentane, a hydrocarbon compound that does not create any environmental hazards.
Taking heed of consumer demands and current environmental concerns, Snaigė produces safe, ecological and economical refrigerators. The electricity consumption of our new generation of refrigerators is less than half of those manufactured 10 years ago.