SNAIGĖS refrigerators and freezers with inverter compressors

An inverter compressor (in Latin, “inverto” means inverse, alternating) is a variable-speed compressor where direct current is converted to alternating current. The operation of this compressor is electronically regulated, depending on the temperature inside and outside.

Once the required temperature in the refrigerator or freezer is reached, the compressor does not switch off completely – it just reduces the rotation speed while maintaining the required mode. This unique technology is much more advanced than conventional technology, where the compressor switches off after reaching the required temperature and then switches on again a while later. The inverter compressor does not waste energy switching on and off – it operates at low speed, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. It is estimated that inverter compressors may consume up to 40 per cent less energy less than conventional ones. In addition, they last longer and are about 2-5 dB quieter.

We use these compressors in fridge-freezers with the NO FROST cooling system because technologically, the NO FROST system uses more energy and these fridge-freezers are noisier. An inverter compressor helps balance these products.