SNAIGĖ starts series production of DIN certificated pharmaceutical refrigerators

SNAIGĖ has started the production of new pharmaceutical or medical refrigerators for medicines and preparations. These refrigerators meet all the requirements for these products. One of these SNAIGĖ models (MD40DD-P300ME7) received a DIN13277 certificate (DIN – Deutsches Institut für Normung, the German standardization institute whose specialized bodies set set set industry standards, including medical refrigerators).

SNAIGĖ pharmaceutical refrigerators ensure the maximum stable internal temperature from +2 to +8 ° C and its minimum fluctuations. Such conditions are suitable for the storage of many drugs and medicines.

The security systems installed in SNAIGĖ pharmaceutical refrigerators are necessary to ensure the correct storage of medicines and medical preparations.

SNAIGĖ pharmaceutical refrigerators are made from the highest quality materials and components to ensure efficient refrigeration and stable operation. As in all SNAIGĖ refrigerators, we use the ecological refrigerant R600a. The ergonomic design of the cabinets makes them easy to maintain and clean.

Thick wire shelves will hold a weight of up to 40 kg each. Their height is easily adjustable. In addition, we offer organizers for conveniently sorted products. The lock will restrict the contents of the refrigerator from unauthorized access. In addition, the refrigerators have a quiet operation and low electricity consumption.


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