SNAIGĖ provided support to refugees from Ukraine with household appliances

SNAIGE has had a close partnership with Ukraine for decades: we have visited this country often and have our own representative office. We want to help, contribute, and be together during this difficult time by seeing what is happening.

We brought various SNAIGĖ household appliances to the Ukrainian War Refugee Center without being left out. We hope that it will somewhat make life easier for these people far from their homeland and help them settle in Lithuania.

How you can help to Ukrain and it’s people? 

Support VšĮ „Mėlyna ir geltona“ initiative:

Donate to Ukrainians on website:…/Musu-sirdys-ir-rankos-Ukrainai

If you have the opportunity to shelter Ukrainians at your home or to provide other support, register at #StiprūsKartu website: