SNAIGĖ CD40DC Refrigerator applied for storage the medicine and vaccine

SNAIGĖ ready to provide refrigerators for storing vaccines


The first batch with COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Lithuania. With the start of the mass vaccination in pharmacies and polyclinics, most of these institutions will need refrigerators to store the vaccine once it is removed from the low-temperature freezer prior to injection.

To the responsible institutions and personnel, the Lithuanian refrigeration equipment manufacturer SNAIGĖ AB is ready to offer products of the quality and technical parameters allowing to fulfil this important mission.

According to Mindaugas Sologubas, CEO of SNAIGĖ AB, the company’s products intended for professional use and suitable for storing medicines and vaccines have successfully been exported to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other EU member states. This is why, in his opinion, SNAIGĖ really has something to offer to Lithuanian pharmacies, polyclinics, and other medical institutions.

‘We very much hope that our proposal will draw interest. We have many advantages on our side, compared with foreign manufacturers,’ Sologubas said. ‘First of all, we will offer refrigerators with no intermediary margin and at the factory price, only covering the manufacturing cost. Second, the SNAIGĖ factory is in Alytus, which keeps logistics simple, and should an unexpected need arise, we will be able to deliver the product the same day. The third point concerns something that tends to be overlooked when buying such products, namely the spare parts and servicing in the event of malfunctioning. In these unexpected situations, we will always be close by.’

SNAIGĖ AB gifted three such refrigerators to Alytus City Municipality. They will reach Alytus’s hospital and polyclinic by end of today.