RF62FB-TNCBNE0 Snaigė Fresh INN

Fridge-freezers with freezer at bottom
TOTAL NO FROST cooling system
Inverter compressor
Electronic control
LED lighting
Stainless steel door panel
Dimensions (HxWxD): 2000 x 595 x 635 mm
Total capacity: 351 l

EAN: 4770104759017
Factory code:

Palyginti produktą
SNAIGĖ fridge-freezers with the European NO FROST cooling system mean that you don't have to worry about constantly defrosting and cleaning, because there is hardly any frost build-up in the freezer. On top of that, the food in the refrigerator will not dry out or lose its nutritional value or appearance.

How the SNAIGĖ NO FROST system works
SNAIGĖ NO FROST fridge-freezers were developed using the key benefits of both the static and NO FROST cooling systems.
Cold air is blown into and distributed evenly in each section of the freezer. This ensures a uniform temperature and the right humidity level in each section.
Meanwhile, the refrigerator compartment has a static cooling system, which is the most suited for fresh food products. They stay moist and retain their nutritional and taste properties longer.
The biggest advantage of this system is that neither frost nor ice crystals form on the walls of the freezer or the food. Products don't freeze to the walls of the freezer compartment. Looking after the freezer compartment becomes easier and simpler, since you don't have to defrost it and clean it nearly as often. Another advantage of SNAIGĖ NO FROST fridge-freezers is that the surface of the freezer compartment is smooth: there are no bare NO FROST system elements (e.g. a fan), so they are extremely easy to maintain and clean.
The SNAIGĖ NO FROST cooling system works by evenly distributing cold air in the sections of the freezer compartment.
The refrigerator compartment has a static cooling system, which ensures optimal food storage and proper humidity.

SNAIGĖ Fresh INN fridge-freezers – even more space for fresh food

The elegant and handsome SNAIGĖ Fresh INN fridge-freezers will undoubtedly delight people who like healthy eating and delicious food. You will be able to store even more fresh food in these SNAIGĖ refrigerators. The crisper drawer is larger than usual, so you can comfortably store a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the 0°C FRESH ZONE, meat, fish and seafood will stay fresh for much longer. And if you want to freeze your garden harvest for the winter, there is a spacious freezer section at your service, with fast freeze options and a NO FROST or static cooling system.

Inverter compressor

An inverter compressor with speed control works smoother and more efficiently than a conventional compressor. This compressor means that 40 per cent less electricity is consumed. In addition, it is quieter and lasts longer.

0°C FRESH ZONE compartment

You will definitely like this elegant, transparent, spacious 0 °C FRESH ZONE compartment as it will insure longer freshness of meat, fish and sea products than in the fridge.
You could keep your products longer without losing their color, taste and nutrition value.
0 °C FRESH ZONE drawer is mounted on comfortable and easy to use telescopic railings. Even at an opening angle of 90° they can be pulled out and are removable. The drawer features a curved bottom for better air circulation.

How 0 °C FRESH ZONE works?
An extra vaporizer installed behind the 0°C FRESH ZONE area enables it to lower the temperature from -2 °C to +3 °С. It is set by regulating the temperature in the refrigerator compartment.
When the lowest temperature mode is set, the temperature of 0 ° C in the FRESH ZONE drawer may drop to -2 degrees. Conversely, when the minimum cooling in the refrigerator compartment is set, the temperature in the “0 ° C FRESH ZONE” compartment will be about 2 ° C.

FAST FREEZE function

With the help of the FAST FREEZE function, you can freeze summer and autumn goodies fast and in a right way. Also you will quickly cool your drinks. When the FAST FREEZE function is activated, the temperature of the FAST FREEZE compartment will be automatically set to -24 ℃ and will switch off automatically when the products are frozen. At this temperature, the freezing process is fast and ice crystals do not form in the food product cells. In addition, this function does not allow the temperature of the frozen products to rise, so their nutrients, taste, color and nutritional value are optimally preserved.

Sensor-based electronic control

Conveniently adjust the temperature with sensor-based electronic control. With the push of a button, you set the desired temperature in the refrigerator and activate the SUPER FREEZE function in the freezer. Electronic control constantly checks and automatically maintains set temperature within both compartments. In case of electricity breakdowns remembers set temperature. An acoustic signal will warn you if the refrigerator door is left open and a flashing light will indicate that the refrigerator is malfunctioning.

Efficient LED lighting

The LED lighting installed in the fridge-freezer provides excellent illumination – the light reaches all of the compartments. Compared to conventional lights, these are stronger and resistant to vibration and temperature changes. LEDs use up to 80% less electricity, do not emit UV and infrared rays, and do not contain mercury.

Bottle shelf

The elegant bottle shelf saves space and helps keep the refrigerator neat. It can accommodate two 1.5L bottles for your convenience.

Safety glass shelves with metallised frame

Tempered glass shelves can hold more than 25 kg, are hard to break, do not scratch, and are very easy to clean. The metallised frames attached to the front and back of the shelf will keep spilled liquid from dripping onto the shelves below. The position of the shelves can be easily adjusted – changing the height or removing them altogether

Door shelves

The convenient door shelves can accommodate a lot of different sized and shaped products. The height of the shelves can be easily adjusted or removed altogether. Our designers paid a lot of attention to the shape of the shelves and adapted them to best suit modern-day packaging.

Crisper drawer

This drawer will hold even more fruit and vegetables. Despite its size, the drawer is easy to use – it slides in and out easily with the help of special rails.
Gross total. l 351
Net for fridge, l 230
Net for 0°C FRESH ZONE talpa, l 27
Net for freezer, l 94
Energy efficiency class E
Energy consumption 24hr / kWh 0.666
Energy consumption year / kWh 243
Climate class SN-T
Freezing capacity 4.3
Autonomy Hour, Temp rising 7
Voltage 220-240 V/50Hz
Current 1.0
Noise Level 41
Net Weight, kg 67
Gross Weight, kg 74
Net Case size (HxWXl)) 2095 x 645 x 704

Refrigerator features

  • No Frost automatic defrost system
  • 3 adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • Tempered glass shelf over the 0°C FRESH ZONE
  • Tempered glass shelf above the crisper drawer
  • Bottle shelf
  • 0°C FRESH ZONE drawer
  • Crisper drawer with humidity control system
  • Egg holder (6 eggs)

Doors features

  • 5 door shelves
  • Deep shelf for bottles

Freezer features

  • Automatic defrost (No Frost)
  • 3 drawers
  • Door opens to the right/reversible
  • Adjustable legs in front
  • Wheels in back