F 28FA-TM002EF Snaigė Fresh INN

NO FROST cooling system
Inverter compressor
Electronic control
LED lighting
Big box drawer
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1855 x 595 x 645 mm
Total capacity: 271 l

EAN: 4770104228018
Factory code:

Palyginti produktą
SNAIGĖ fridge-freezers with the NO FROST cooling system mean that you don't have to worry about constantly defrosting and cleaning, because there is hardly any frost build-up in the freezer. The NO FROST cooling system works by blowing cold air into and distributed evenly in each section of the freezer. This ensures a uniform temperature and the right humidity level in each section. The biggest advantage of this system is that neither frost nor ice crystals form on the walls of the freezer or the food. Products don't freeze to the walls of the freezer compartment. Looking after the freezer compartment becomes easier and simpler, since you don't have to defrost it and clean it nearly as often. Another advantage of SNAIGĖ NO FROST fridge-freezers is that the surface of the freezer compartment is smooth: there are no bare NO FROST system elements (e.g. a fan), so they are extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Inverter compressor

An inverter compressor with speed control works smoother and more efficiently than a conventional compressor. This compressor means that 40 per cent less electricity is consumed. In addition, it is quieter and lasts longer.

SNAIGĖ freezers – for all your goodies!

SNAIGĖ freezers – for all your goodies! SNAIGĖ freezers are popular and versatile helpers for your home. You'll fit all everything in their convenient drawers, whether it's from the garden, the forest or the farm. They are reliable, high-quality and durable. They don't take up a lot of space or use a lot of electricity. We offer freezers in a variety of sizes, with a static or a NO FROST cooling system, electronic or mechanical controls, an extra-large drawer, and other useful features. SNAIGĖ freezers will allow you to enjoy healthy food year-round.

FAST FREEZE compartment

During fast freezing, the temperature in the FAST FREEZE compartment -18 °C and lower. At this temperature, the freezing process is fast and ice crystals do not form in the food product cells. In addition, this function does not allow the temperature of the frozen products to rise, so their nutrients, taste, color and nutritional value are optimally preserved.

Spacious BIG BOX drawer

The especially spacious 27 cm high Big Box drawer, easily stores products too big for the usual freezer compartments. You can store a whole turkey or a big ice cream tart.

Sensor-based electronic control

Conveniently adjust the temperature with sensor-based electronic control. With the push of a button, you set the desired temperature in the refrigerator and activate the SUPER FREEZE function in the freezer. Electronic control constantly checks and automatically maintains set temperature within both compartments. In case of electricity breakdowns remembers set temperature. An acoustic signal will warn you if the refrigerator door is left open and a flashing light will indicate that the refrigerator is malfunctioning.

Efficient LED lighting

The LED lighting installed in the freezer provides excellent illumination. Compared to conventional lights, these are stronger and resistant to vibration and temperature changes. LEDs use up to 80% less electricity, do not emit UV and infrared rays, and do not contain mercury.
Gross total. l 271
Energy efficiency class E
Energy consumption 24hr / kWh 0.677
Energy consumption year / kWh 245
Climate class SN-T
Freezing capacity 12.3
Autonomy Hour, Temp rising 15
Voltage 220-240 V/50Hz
Current 1.2
Noise Level 41
Net Weight, kg 72
Gross Weight, kg 79

Freezer features

  • Automatic defrost (No Frost)
  • 6 tempered glass shelves
  • 2 compartments with hinged doors
  • Door opens to the right/reversible
  • Adjustable legs in front
  • Wheels in back