C 31SM-T1002F1 Snaigė Ice Logic

Refrigerators without freezers
Automatic defrost system
LED lighting
Drawer on rails
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1630 x 600 x 650 mm
Total capacity: 296 l

EAN: 4770104531224
Factory code:

Palyginti produktą
SNAIGĖ Ice Logic fridge-freezers are a modern, timeless and always popular refrigeration technology classic. Economical, spacious and obligingly offering a wealth of functions and advantages, the SNAIGĖ Ice Logic fridge-freezer quickly becomes an integral part of the home. With its straight lines, the clean design isn’t overloaded with unnecessary details and will fit right into your interior.

Crisper drawer

This drawer will hold even more fruit and vegetables. Despite its size, the drawer is easy to use – it slides in and out easily with the help of special rails.

Safety glass shelves with metallised frame

Tempered glass shelves can hold more than 25 kg, are hard to break, do not scratch, and are very easy to clean. The metallised frames attached to the front and back of the shelf will keep spilled liquid from dripping onto the shelves below. The position of the shelves can be easily adjusted – changing the height or removing them altogether

Door shelves

The convenient door shelves can accommodate a lot of different sized and shaped products. The height of the shelves can be easily adjusted or removed altogether. Our designers paid a lot of attention to the shape of the shelves and adapted them to best suit modern-day packaging.

Shelf with lid

The covered shelf will keep product odours from spreading throughout the refrigerator The covered shelf is a convenient place to store flavoured foods, such as cheese and pâtés. The lid will keep their odour from spreading throughout the refrigerator.

Reliable bottle shelf

The bottle shelf can accommodate different sized bottles at the same time. The bottle holder will secure them and prevent them from tipping over.

LED lighting

The LED lighting installed in the freezer provides excellent illumination. Compared to conventional lights, these are stronger and resistant to vibration and temperature changes. LEDs use up to 80% less electricity, do not emit UV and infrared rays, and do not contain mercury.
Gross total. l 296
Net for fridge, l 296
Energy efficiency class F
Energy consumption 24hr / kWh 0.378
Energy consumption year / kWh 138
Climate class N-T
Voltage 220-230 V/50Hz
Current 1.0
Noise Level 41
Net Weight, kg 52
Gross Weight, kg 56.5
Net Case size (HxWXl)) 1670 x 620 x 670

Refrigerator features

  • Automatic defrost system
  • 4 adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • Tempered glass shelf above the drawer
  • Tempered glass shelf above the crisper drawer
  • Drawer
  • Crisper drawer
  • Egg holder (6 eggs)

Doors features

  • Shelf with lid
  • 2 adjustable shelves
  • Deep shelf for bottles
  • Anti-tip bottle holder
  • Door opens to the right/reversible
  • Adjustable legs in front
  • Wheels in back