No frost – no worries. SNAIGĖ fridge-freezers with the NO FROST cooling system.

SNAIGĖ fridge-freezers with the European NO FROST cooling system mean that you don’t have to worry about constantly defrosting and cleaning, because there is hardly any frost build-up in the freezer. On top of that, the food in the refrigerator will not dry out or lose its nutritional value or appearance.

How the SNAIGĖ NO FROST system works

SNAIGĖ NO FROST fridge-freezers were developed using the key benefits of both the static and NO FROST cooling systems.
Cold air is blown into and distributed evenly in each section of the freezer. This ensures a uniform temperature and the right humidity level in each section.
Meanwhile, the refrigerator compartment has a static cooling system, which is the most suited for fresh food products. They stay moist and retain their nutritional and taste properties longer.

The biggest advantage of this system is that neither frost nor ice crystals form on the walls of the freezer or the food. Products don’t freeze to the walls of the freezer compartment. Looking after the freezer compartment becomes easier and simpler, since you don’t have to defrost it and clean it nearly as often.
Another advantage of SNAIGĖ NO FROST fridge-freezers is that the surface of the freezer compartment is smooth: there are no bare NO FROST system elements (e.g. a fan), so they are extremely easy to maintain and clean.
The SNAIGĖ NO FROST cooling system works by evenly distributing cold air in the sections of the freezer compartment.
The refrigerator compartment has a static cooling system, which ensures optimal food storage and proper humidity.

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