Successful debut at the international HOST Milano 2021 exhibition

The international exhibition HOST Milano 2021 for hospitality business professionals ended last week in Milan. It is the largest and most important exhibition of the industry, which took place live after a one-year break. Despite the pandemic, the event attracted 1,200 participants and almost 150,000 visitors, representing 2,700 companies from Europe and North and South America, Asia, and Africa. The […]

A fridge-freezer that you can write on with chalk

Užrašykite žinutę savo sūnui apie paslėptus ledus šaldiklyje tiesiai ant šaldytuvo. Arba nupieškite savo gyvenimo palydovui širdelę ir parašykite, kad jį mylite. Gal būt atsakydamas jis pralinksmins jus pripiešęs visą pievą gėlių.


The SNAIGĖ Retro collection is a nostalgic look at the distant past, when expressive shapes, dominant lines and vibrant colours prevailed. The Retro collection is for people who are just as vibrant and expressive, and who value style and individuality.