Fridge-freezer with an image from the SNAIGĖ ART GALLERY collection

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This SNAIGĖ ART GALLERY collection is for people who are looking for originality in all areas of life, and who have special requirements not only for their kitchen interior, but for their fridge-freezer as well. Choose a fridge-freezer design from more than 100 options to create a playful atmosphere in your home, delight your family members and amaze your guests.

The originality is created by a high-quality certified adhesive film applied to the fridge-freezer and coated with a special material to protect against scratches. The film is affixed to the fridge-freezer door before it is assembled so that the edges of the decal are not visible. This method creates the impression that the image is printed directly on the surface of the fridge-freezer.

A fridge-freezer with a decal does not require any additional care. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. If you ever want to switch to a conventional fridge-freezer, you can easily do so by peeling off the film. The surface of the fridge-freezer will not be damaged if the film is peeled off. Any residue that is left can be removed with white spirit or a special liquid.

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